Know all about What is NSF Extension File and How to Open It?

NSF stands for Notes Storage Facility. NSF extension files are used to save the Lotus Notes emails, contact, calendar events. It works with IBM Lotus Notes & Domino Server. Just like MS excel has XLS extension, Notes database has NSF extension. To access NSF extension file user must have IBM Lotus Domino. Lotus is a client and Domino is a server. Domino server helps to save the Lotus Notes database. NSF extension file may be used for the data replica. It uses Binary format to store user data. NSF file is known as an Object store.


Here are three types of NSF files are listed below.

  1. Lotus Notes Database: NSF
  2. NES Sound File: NSF
  3. Sunstar Embroidery Stitch file: NSF

Specification of NSF extension file:

Specification of NSF File Extension

Developer: IBM
File Category: Binary
Hex Signature: 1A 00 00 04 00 00
MIME Type: Application/x-lotus-notes, application/vnd.lotus-notes.
File Type: Database file.
Platform Supported: Windows, Mac
Default Location: C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\Data


Brief detail about NSF Extension File:

Lotus Notes and Domino Server are basic components of IBM Workplace. Domino Server saves user information like Emails, contacts, calendar events, notes, to-do. NSF files save user’s design information, metadata, attachments, and entries. All the database stored in a Binary format. NSF files provide deferent types of encryption:

  1. Mail Encryption.
  2. Field Encryption.
  3. Database Encryption.
  4. Document Encryption.
  5. Port Encryption.

NSF Extension File Structure:

Mailbox.nsf: It maintains the user’s information like all the e-mails, calendar events, to-do lists, and notes. It can save as database.nsf or .nsf format.

Names.nsf: It stores the user’s personal address book information like contact, locations, connections.

Headline.nsf: It saves the user’s database subscription information.

Bookmark.nsf: It stores the all the information related to saved bookmarks.

Internet.nsf: It maintains the complete information about NNTP.

Busytime.nsf: It maintains the information of the local free time of a user.

Perweb.nsf:  This file stores the information of web browser.

Saving location of an NSF file:

Here is a location to save an NSF file is listed below.

Windows: C\User\UserName\AppData\Local\Lotus\Notes\Data

Mac: /Library\Application Support\Lotus Notes Data

Software Required to open an NSF file:

For Windows:

IBM Lotus Notes.

IBM Domino.

Free NSF viewer.

For Mac:

IBM Lotus Notes.

IBM Domino


Here we talked about in detail what is NSF extension file and how to open and save it in different Operating Systems and described the location of .nsf file and it’s structure. We hope in this article your doubts are clear now. If you have any suggestion related to the article please comment it in the comment box or if you still have any doubt or query please contact our support forum.

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