Know All About What is ICS Extension File and How to Open it?

An ICS Extension file is a universal file format. It is used to save Calendar data. Apple Inc developed the ICALENDAR. It stores all the calendar data in plain text format. The ICS file includes calendar events details like location, start time, title, summary, end time. It supports event updates and cancellation. This format is using by Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar, Apple calendar etc. A .ics file is known as iCalender. It saves the business meeting records and holidays information.

Specification of ICS File Format:

Specification Of ICS File Format

Developers: Apple Inc
File Type: Calendar Data
File Format: .ics
File Category: Text
MIME Type: Text/calendar RFC 2445
Hex Signature: 42 45 47 49 4E 3A
Supported Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Cloud, Android, IOS


Detailed information about .ics extension file:

ICS extension file is used to designate a file that has the scheduling and calendaring information with the MIME type. Calendar’s use and scheduling have increased day by day. All the enterprises business has become dependent on the scheduling of events with the calendar. The format of iCALENDAR is suitable to exchange format between application and system.

ICS stands for iCALENDAR, allow users to upload calendar data web and send a meeting request to others employees. RFC 2445 describes the specification of ICS file format. These files are not easy to read. A user convert it in .txt, .html, and .pdf format. ICS extension file is more popular as compare to ICAL and ICALENDER file extension. It used for flight itineraries, meeting invites, restaurant reservation train itineraries etc. A .ics extension file is mostly used for businesses purpose to send meeting information and request. It contains the availability information of the user.

The software requires opening an ICALENDAR file:

For Windows:

  1. Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Mozilla Lightning.

For Mac:

  1. Apple Calendar.
  2. Mozilla Lightning.

For Linux:

  1. Mozilla Lightning
  2. Claws Mail.
  3. Horde Kronolith.

For the Web:

  1. Google Calendar.
  2. ICS File Converter.

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