The file cannot be used because it was created for a different user Error Fixed

It’s not a big issue when user find that which OST data file stored in local machine and that file has been inaccessible. Outlook OST file is systematic and synchronized copy and there is probable chance to be corruption. Many users are having OST Files related issues like “the file cannot be used because it was created for a different user?”, “outlook.ost file can’t be opened”, or any other error in OST file, due to any unfavorable circumstances happen.

What is The Reason behind Outlook OST file Corruption?

There are so many reasons those are responsible for OST file corruption. This blog is presenting some major reasons which are categorized into two major sectors – Hardware Related and Software Related.

Due to Hardware Problem-

  • System Crash
  • Power Auto cut
  • Problem is Network Connections
  • Bad sectors on the Hard Drive

Due to Software Problem-

  • Errors in Microsoft Outlook programs
  • Virus attack
  • File damage due to overload

Error – The File cannot be used because it was created for a different user

This is a very common issue and users face it when they try to use one OST file in other system. Suppose any company has many employees and all are connected with one Exchange server. One of them copy his Outlook OST file from local system and try to open with another profile, and then he cannot open that OST file because the OST file has become orphaned due to disconnection from Exchange server. When you copy or cut your OST file from your local machine, the OST file of Outlook lost MAPI details from Exchange server and become inaccessible.

A logical way to solve errors in OST File

Solution 1:

If you have requirement to open OST file in another Microsoft Outlook then don’t panic, please follow some easy steps and you will effortlessly get back your OST mailbox data with complete data.

  1. First of all, convert OST file to .PST file (Personal Storage file), because you never use OST File directly.
  2. After OST file’s data transfer into PST, configure your email account in MS Outlook
  3. Click on File Menu – choose Import and Export option – Select an action to perform (Import from another program or File) – Go with NEXT– Select file type to import from (Personal Folder File (.PST)) – Browse PST file

“After completing all steps you can easily open OST file data in another system.”

Solution2: As you all know that there is a solution to every problem in this world; sometimes it is easy or sometimes difficult. Solution of this error, user has to convert OST file in PST file format. Conversion of OST file to PST doesn’t need any Outlook platform and Exchange server. But OST to PST conversion is not possible without any third party tool because there is no any method to restore data from corrupt OST or healthy OST to PST file. User can only view and import PST file from one to another machine, but for OST file, have to download and buy software to retrieve OST to PST. There are so many third party applications available in Internet market which is easy to utilize and recover OST data and convert in PST file.

Conclusion: I have created this blog for the solution of error which can faced by any Outlook user. Here are 2 types of solutions for this error. But without OST file to PST conversion, user cannot use OST file in another system. If user wants open OST file which is connected with Exchange server for another user then he will definitely face this issue. So user should try these solutions which are provided above blog. If you have still any query then please feel free to write in comment section.

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